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Wet Shotcrete Machine


Wet shotcrete machine is shotcrete support equipment which is with good comprehensive performance like decreasing dust, reducing rebound resilience, saving material, etc. Now, it is widely applicable to mine, culvert, construct foundation pit support, channel slope protection, etc.

Wet Shotcrete Machine


  • 1. Easily charging, handy moving, high reliability, low cost, accurate measure.
  • 2. New-style driving mechanism, hugely reducing feeding height, low labor intensity, easily assembling.
  • 3. The weight of complete machine reduces 600kg and equipment mobility is better.
  • 4. Adopting new-style cam track and rolling body to obtain higher reliability and longer useful life.
  • 5. Improving the structure of wearing parts (for example combined board, piston and so on) to greatly reduce use-cost.
  • 6. Adding proportion for accelerator becomes better accurate owing to adopting international well-known metering pump.

Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine Sectional drawingWet shotcrete machine

Applications of wet-mix shotcrete machine:

1. It greatly reduces the dust concentration around the machine and jet nozzle. So, it eliminates the hazard to workers’ health.
2. The productivity of pump type wet shotcrete machine can reach to 10m3/h. It greatly enhances the efficiency of construction.
3. Low rebound resilience. The concrete rebound resilience can be less than 10% when wet spray.
4. When wet spray, due to the water ash ratio is much easier to control and concrete coefficient is high, it can greatly improve the concrete quality and increase the concrete uniformity.

Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine Sectional drawing:

  • 1.Rotor body assembly
  • 2.Compression structure
  • 3.Limit Block
  • 4.Cyclone
  • 5. Hopper
  • 6. Vibration Motor
  • 7. Main Motor
  • 8. Housing
  • 9. Hand wheel speed
  • 10. Speed display
  • 11. Transmission
  • 12. Pressure Gauge
  • 13. Add quick setting agent pump
  • 14. Electronic Control Box
  • 15. Steering
  • 16. The total inlet tube
  • 17. Sub-style device
  • 18. Upwind Road
  • 19. Leeward Road
  • 20. Reducer

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