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MP750 Planetary Concrete Mixers

The discharging capacity is 750L of MP750 planetary concrete mixer. MP planetary concrete mixer is the concrete machinery which has features of compact structure, stable transmission, novel style, remarkable performance, etc.

MP750 Planetary Concrete Mixers

Features of MP750 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

1. This concrete mixing machine can use gas, hydraulic and other way to open and close the discharging door and the door can be set three. In the discharging door, there is special sealing device to ensure the strong sealing and reliable control.
2. There is a special hydraulic pump to meet the requirements of multiple discharging door configuration. Manual discharging function let people open the discharging door and safety device under emergency conditions manually.
3. The revolution and rotation of the mixing blade are determined after the deep research, in order to make sure there is no segregation when mixing each kind of material and then reach biggest productivity.

Main Technical Parameters of MP750 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

  • Model: MP750
  • Discharging Volume: 750L
  • Charging Volume: 1125L
  • Diameter of Mixing Drum: 1800mm
  • Total Weight: 3500kg
  • Mixing Power: 30kw
  • Discharging Power: 2.2kw

Applications of MP750 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

Planetary mixing equipment is used to produce commercial concrete, precast concrete, foam concrete, lightweight concrete, premixed dry mortar, etc.

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