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MP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixers

MP1000 planetary cement mixer has special mixing device to make the concrete mixing more even. The mixing blades of planetary cheap concrete mixer are more wear-resisting. Concrete mixture machine price is low compared with other types of concrete mixer.

MP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixers

Features of MP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

1. When discharging, the charging hopper in the mixing machinery will be opened aromatically; while, it will be closed when the hopper drops down in order to ensure the leakage of the power when mixing to reach the environment protection.
2. The hopper in the rising process is protected by the safety device of the hopper.
3. Automatic high pressure cleaning system adopts rotary high pressure nozzle which can clean the mixing drum wall, mixing tools, mixing cover and bottom completely in few minutes.
4. Water system uses spiral spray nozzle which has the advantage of spraying coverage area is large and it can effectively prevent shower nozzle from blocking with materials and make the mixing more even.
5. Adopts British Hydroni temperature and humidity tester to ensure the quality of high performance concrete and concrete casting.

Main Technical Parameters of MP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

  • Model: MP1000
  • Discharging Volume: 1000L
  • Charging Volume: 1500L
  • Diameter of Mixing Drum: 2400mm
  • Total Weight: 6000kg
  • Mixing Power: 37kw
  • Discharging Power: 3kw

Applications of MP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

The best cement mixer from Daswell Machinery is MP1000 planetary concrete mixer which can produce concrete, building materials, refractory materials and other industries.

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