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Concrete Pump

Introduction of Concrete Pump

Concrete delivery pump, which is also called concrete pump, is composed of pump body and delivery pipe. It delivers the concrete through the pipeline under the effect of pressure. It is mainly used in building construction, bridge, and tunnel construction. So far, there are mainly two kinds of concrete pump, one is slide valve concrete delivery pump and the other one is S valve concrete delivery pump. It can form a concrete pumping truck when installed on a truck chassis, together with a telescopic concrete placing boom.

Concrete pump

Application of Concrete Pump

Big concrete delivery pump is mostly used in the concrete delivery of big concrete project, like high buildings, high speed road, flyovers, etc.

Features of Concrete Pump

1. It adopts triple pump opening system. The hydraulic circuit is non-interfering. 
2. It has function of anti-pumping, which helps removing the pipe block failure timely and can stop working temporarily to wait for the material.
3. It adopts the advanced S distribution valve. It can make up the wearing clearance automatically and it is with very good sealing performance.
4. It uses wear-resistant alloy glass plate and floating cutting ring. So, its service lift is much longer.
5. The long distance oil cylinder prolongs the service life of the cylinder and piston.
6. The hopper is done after optimal design. It is much easier when cleaning and its material suction performance is much better.
7. Its automatic centralized lubrication system ensures the effective lubrication when it is working.
8. It has the remote control to make the operation much easier and safer.
9. All parts are international standard. And it has better interchangeability.

Concrete pump Concrete pump


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