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Wheel Loader


Model ZL-10,ZL-12,ZL-916,ZL-920,ZL-926 wheel loader and hydraulic wheel loader, which belong to series of engineering machinery, were designed and developed by our company and professional institutes and colleges, we referenced and absorbed structure characteristics and advanced technology from foreign and domestic machinery with the same type according to the demand of customers.

DW series wheel loader


This series of loader has rational design, compact structure, flexible operation and convenient maintenance. Each performance index is better than other machines with the same model. It is widely used in building works, municipal construction works, urban and rural gardens, road, stations and docks, agricultural field and irrigation works. This machine which can be used at narrow loading places like industry and mine of unit such as varieties of coal pit, lime pit, sand field and cements plants and other departments, and is specially applicable to transport silt, crushed stone, lime, coal, slag, fertilized soil, garbage and other loose materials for short distance.

DW series wheel loader DW series wheel loader

DW series wheel loader DW series wheel loader

Applied range

ZL series wheel loader can be used associated with varieties of coal pit,lime pit,sand field and cement plants and other departments. It can be used associated with varieties of loading truck,tractor,agricultural used transport truck and building machinery (sand mixer, mixer). The main parts of this series use product with famous brand.It has reliable quality, and sufficient spare parts supply, and can be used generally.

Technical parameters

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