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Self Climbing Tower Cranes

Besides security mechanism usually used in domestic tower crane adopted, Daswell Self climbing tower crane adopted lots of advanced mechanism self-developed by Daswell to keep the security of the tower crane and convenient operation, such as unique double tighten mechanism on luffing steel cable, anti-break mechanism on sliding vehicle, anti-drop mechanism on standard section, speedy link between rotary body, hoisting boom and balance boom.

Self climbing tower cranes

TC6013f self climbing tower crane is a new model, the tower for level arm speed frame, the car horns, turning on jack-up many use cranes. The standard arm for 50 meters long, extended arm length of 55 m, 60 meters, the biggest up for eight tons of weight.

The product has the following features:

1. The lifting mechanism using belt of the eddy current brake double speed winding motor, and string variable resistor speed, small startup current, start torque and get DuoZhong speed and decreasing speed, stable operation, high speed slow in place of the function. Rotary organization adopt winding motor speed and configuration of resistance, hydraulic coupling, smooth, impact turn bond small. Luffing mechanism using planet gear machine set in the inside, with light structure, beautiful appearance.

2. The main structure tower through the optimized design. Standard day the Lord limb high strength materials square tube design, mechanical properties, appearance more beautiful and better technology is better; Connect the type, shape of the performance of the weld better, accord with the tonnage conditions.

3. Rigid double bars hang greatly hoist boom, hoist boom good stiffness, light weight, small, small resistance of the cross section, beautiful appearance, hoist boom can have several different combinations length change, in order to meet different construction requirements.

Self climbing tower cranes Self climbing tower cranes

4. The turntable for international popular octagonal structure more reasonable structure, the structure stress.

5. Rotary minus its and hoist boom, balance the arms of the connection for fast loading type joint, more convenient installation.

6. Safety device is complete and reliable. With the high limit, amplitude limit device, and turn to limit device, up the weight limit device, torque limit device, anemometer, obstacle lights, and four protector, heavy car and breaking rope, the broken shaft protection device and installing safety monitoring management system, etc.

7. Steel structure pretreatment and unique, advanced processing technology, as well as large technological equipment and special equipment use, ensure the appearance quality of components of manufacturing and processing precision.

This machine is suitable for high civil buildings, Bridges, water conservancy project, big span industrial workshop and the sliding mode method of the construction of the tall chimney and silo building high tower shape during the construction.

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