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Concrete Mixing System

Twin horizontal shaft concrete mixer is high efficiency in productivity; with strong mixing ability and high mixing quality. It has good mixing effect to produce dry-and-hard concrete, half-dry-and-hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, various ratio of concrete, etc.

Concrete Mixing System

Wearable mixing device. Adopt high-rigidity and high-tenacity wearable cast alloy steel to prolong the service time, which also optimize torsional and bending strength.

Two heavy duty gear box are specially customerized for the mixer. All of the shock brought by quick loading or restarting can be easily and safely buffered and absorbed.

Concrete Mixing System for sale Concrete Mixing System manufacturer

Hydraulic discharge. Strong driving force; avoiding pneumatic discharge can’t discharge smoothly because of pneumatic shortage or weak driving force. Manual discharge can be used in emergency.


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