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HZS150 Concrete Mixing Plant

Description of HZS150 Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

HZS150 concrete mixing station is composed of batching machine, mixing and the electric control parts and it is automatic concrete mixing equipment. It is applied to large and medium-sized building sites, prefabricated plant and commodity concrete production plant.

HZS150 Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

Features of HZS150 Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

1. Adopts international popular modular and fast assembling structure. It is a new generation of concrete mixing equipment.
2. Flexible layout, convenient assembly and disassembly. It can achieve a variety of combination and feeding modes based on users’ demands.
3. Host mixing machine is JS series twin shaft concrete mixer which has good mixing quality, short mixing time, long service life wearing parts and easy operation and maintenance.
4. Latest design electronic weighing system, microcomputer control, digital display and other control technologies; electronic weighing equipment has buffer device and automatic compensation which have high precision measurement.
5. It uses the wide herringbone belt sand feeding system and has maintenance walkways, so it is the ideal choice for the majority of the construction unit in the production of high quality concrete.

Application of HZS150 Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

Available for many applications, this stationary concrete batching plant is widely used for water conservancy,electric power, railroad,road,tunnel,the arch of bridge,harbor-wharf and the national defense-project etc..

Technical Parameters of HZS150 Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

  • Capacity: 150 m3/h
  • Mixing Time: 60S
  • Max Aggregate Size: 60/80 mm
  • Discharging Height: 4200 mm
  • Total Power: 228 KW
  • Total Weight: 100Ton
  • Total Dimensions: 45000×17000×20000 mm.

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