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Foam Concrete Mixer

Foam concrete mixer includes 5 parts; they are hopper, foam generator, water pump and mixer discharge tank. It can be directly connected to pump for casting. With wheels, it can be moved to wherever it is needed. Foam concrete mixer mixes cement, fly ash, sand, foam and water in a ratio in the mixer to make foam concrete. It has a tank to storage foam concrete after being discharge by mixer. The tank can be replaced by tracks and molds if directly discharge into molds to make blocks or panels.

Foam concrete mixer

Advantages of Foam Concrete mixer:

1. Perfect humanization Electrical control system Siemens PLC with Visualization touch screen provide you a Child operation machine.

2. Environment protection.

3. Hydraulic System. Make in China, world Quality, and we can provide you the hydraulic motor as you requests.

4. Compulsory Feeding system makes sure that the density and intensity of the products are guaranteed;

5. Various product scopes.

Foam concrete mixer machine Foam concrete mixer for sale

Technical parameters


Foam concrete mixer machine can also be connected to a pump, and pump to designed destination as molds, floor, roof, wall structure projects.

It produces various bricks or wall panel, hollow blocks, perforated bricks, and standard bricks etc.



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