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Diesel Concrete Mixer

Introduction of Diesel Concrete Mixer

Diesel construction equipment is the concrete mixer with diesel engine. Diesel cement mixer truck uses hydraulic way to lift materials, it rotates in one direction for mixing and other direction for discharging. Diesel concrete mixer machine can mix the materials with aggregate less than 60mm, such as: plastic concrete, half dry hard concrete, etc.

diesel concrete mixer


Features  of Diesel Concrete Mixer

1. Diesel drum mixer can be used in the areas without electricity.
2. Compact structure and advanced performance.
3. Diesel concrete mixer machine has wheels so that can be moved anywhere.
4. High production efficiency and good mixing quality.
5. Low consumption loose and easy to maintain.


Diesel concrete mixer 

Working Principle of Diesel Concrete Mixer:

There are two types of blades attached to the inner walls of the drum. One set drags the concrete upwards and toward the center of the concrete mixer when the drum rotates in one direction; the second set of blades pushes the concrete toward the opening when the drum rotates in the other direction. The blades have a spiral arrangement to obtain the desired effect for discharging and mixing.

Diesel concrete mixer parts Diesel concrete mixer parts

 Diesel concrete mixer parts Diesel concrete mixer parts

Technical Parameters of Diesel Concrete Mixer:

Diesel concrete mixer  Diesel concrete mixer

Application of Diesel Concrete Mixer:

Diesel portable cement mixer is usually suitable for the common construction site, road, bridges and small precast concrete factories.

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