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HBT20/JZM350 Concrete Mixer with Pump

Concrete mixer pump from Daswell Machinery is especially designed for the cast-in-place of concrete in both rural and urban areas. Concrete mixer pump can improve the construction efficiency and enhance business competitiveness of users. Concrete mixer pump not only can save labors, but also can pump concrete more higher, quicker, longer and safe.

Concrete mixer with pump for sale

Features of Concrete Mixer with Pump

1. Convenient---This equipment combines mixing and pumping into one machine and is easy to move.

2. Safe---Pipeline transport can increase safety factor.

3. Energy conservation---Reduce labor and labor intensity.

4. High efficient---Full automatic production which is fast than manual

5. Excellent quality---The pump concrete has strict requirement for raw materials which has quality guarantee for the project.

6. Good performance---Powerful company and professional team can ensure the stability.

Concrete mixer with pump for sale

Application of Concrete Mixer with Pump

Daswell concrete mixer pump is suitable for buildings, roads, bridges, water conservancy, etc.

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