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HBT30/JZM350 Concrete Mixer with Pump

Concrete mixer pump is a machine which combines concrete mixer can pump into one machine.

concrete mixer with pump in china

Features of Concrete Mixer Pump

1. High production efficiency.
Concrete mixer pump is easy to move in the construction site, users can select chassis according to their demands. In the earlier stage, you can put into small cost for concrete mixer pump and it has strong practicality.
2. Stable performance and long service life.
Concrete mixer pump adopts exported hydraulic oil pump to ensure the stability. This pump machine has streamline arc appearance so that it looks beautiful and durable.
3. Excellent delivery performance.
Concrete mixer pump adopts Φ200 mixing cylinder which has good material absorption performance and can pump 40mm stone. The material hopper has excellent design, so there is no residual materials and easy to clean.
4. Strong power and high pumping height
Concrete mixer pump can pump concrete to 200-300m, so it is suitable for various construction engineering projects.

concrete mixer with pump in china

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