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HBT15/JZM350 Concrete Mixer with Pump

HBT15/JZM350 concrete mixer with pump is for small aggregate. It combines charging, mixing, pumping full-automatically. It adopts full-cylinder hydraulic pumping system to ensure continuous working in sever condition. It is easy operating and working stably.

HBT15/JZM350 Concrete mixer with Pump

The advanced of HBT15/JZM350 Concrete mixer with Pump:

Concrete mixer pump adopts high-performance configuration to ensure working stability. It adopts S tube valve commutation to ensure mortar pumping. Glasses plate and cut loops are made of anti-wearing corniness alloy, they have long service lives. High pumping pressure to meet high building and long distance pumping. It adopts water-cooling for hydraulic cooling which is easy use; anti-plump to reduce block; Manual centralized lubrication system to ensure working; wired remote control handle for  electric control cabinet.n.

HBT15/JZM350 Concrete mixer with pump features:

HBT15/JZM350 Concrete mixer with Pump

Concrete mixer with pump has advantages of low energy consumption, compact structure, smooth operation, reliable transmission, simple operation, good mixing quality, high efficiency and high degree of automation.

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