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How to Effectively Recycle Cement Silo

    1, the line problem
Some lines will be inevitably aging after long term idle, so for safety, before use we need to check the road.

    2, arch camber problem
Whether it is a bulk cement silo or flake cement warehouse, if it is idle for a long time, the inside of the cement silo will have springing phenomenon, at that time, we will need to open it 3-4 minutes to break the arch.

cement silo
    3, filter problem
Filter is the core of the filter device, it directly affects the quality of cement silo. Once the congestion and deformation appear, clean and replace it in a timely manner.

    4, material level meter
Known as the cement silo’s eyes, the indicator can be used to real-time monitor within the warehouse material storage condition, if there is a problem, the indicator will not be able to accurately obtain the storehouse of information, which can bring a lot of trouble to the safe use.

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