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Methods to Reduce the Wear of Concrete Mixer

    1, There are many places of concrete mixer need to be lubricated, the method and amount of lubricant are different, sometimes, you need to replace the new lubricant. Users must understand these lubrication techniques to ensure the lubrication of concrete mixer;

    2, As the mixing blade need to mix the concrete, so the wear is more serious, which requires users to pay attention to avoid large pieces of hard objects or steel wire or other objects entering into the mixing drum when feeding material, and often maintain the mixing blade;

concrete mixer

    3, The wear of concrete mixer surface maybe due to slight vibration, sliding, impact, abrasions, rust, etc., which requires the user to pay attention to avoid the collision and keep the surface clean and deal with the rust in time;

    4, The mixing drum is often worn, which requires the user to clean the mixing drum immediately after the end of work to prevent the concrete set in the mixing drum.

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