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The Installation of Cement Silo

    Cement silo is an important part of concrete batching plant, used to store powder, can  reduce the transportation cost of concrete batching plant effectively. At present, cement silo is widely used in various concrete batching plant. The installation work of cement silo is very important.

    1, Before installation, review the size of the first axis independent foundation of cement silo, the elevation of embedded parts and roughness of embedded parts.

    2, After taking cement silo to the site, the signalman commands 25t truck crane operation, and full-time security officer is responsible for commanding construction staff. Cement silo is lifted to the base position and then equipment is fallen which must be conducted slowly as it falls.

 concrete batching plant

    3, Correct the position of the cement silo, make the center of the cement silo and foundation center align, and keep the cement silo is in horizontal.

    4, Cement silo leg and embedded steel plate are welded firmly, around leg adopts 10 * 10 cm strengthening rib plate and embedded steel plate. Welding work shall be operated by professional welding personnel, who strictly follows the specification of welding construction to ensure the welding quality.

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