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Main Compoments of Concrete Batching Plant

    The main compoments of concrete batching plant are:

    1. Cement silo-- It is a tank that used to store the materials, mainly used for cement, fly ash.

    2. Screw Conveyor--It is a continuous transportation instrument that to convey cement from silo the measuring hopper.

concrete batching plant


    3. Mixing host--the mixing host that we adopted is twin shaft concrete mixer, it has the features of lower noise and consumption, compact structure, simple operation, good mixing quality, high producing efficiency, etc.

    4. Aggregate belt type conveyor--It is a continuous conveying instrument that has the wide application, it is commonly used as the supporting products of the concrete mixing station.

    5. Weighing and control system--We adopt the computer and PLC control system, with the double-screen display of the monitor system and data management system, you can see it clearly; adopt the human intelligent control system, the operation is quite simple.

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