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Maintenance of Concrete Batching Plant Gas System

    The gas system is one of the main systems of concrete batching plant. If it has fault problems, then the entire concrete batching plant are likely to fall into paralysis. So the daily maintenance of the gas system must be done on schedule, can not be negligent.

    1, Air compressor should be placed horizontally, fixed, well ventilated.

    2, Adjust the upper and lower limits of air pressure automatic switch, if the pressure is too low , will lead to slow cylinder action, if the pressure is too high, it is bad to gas system.

concrete batching plant

    3, Check the oil level of lubricating oil, keep the oil level in the dipstick between the upper and lower lines, when oil near the line, add new oil.

    4, Check whether the conveyor belt tension is appropriate,replacing conveyor belt in group to maintain the same tension.

    Good use and maintenance habits can not only improve the efficiency of the equipment but also can prolong its service life, so as to bring good economic benefits for your company.

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