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On - Site Maintenance of Concrete Mixer

    On - site maintenance of concrete mixer:

    1: Check whether the controller is good before start the concrete mixer;

    2: Concrete mixer must be cleaned after use, especially in winter, the cylinder can’t have foreign body before using it, this can prolong the service life;

    3: Concrete mixer should be placed on solid place, supported stably with the support frame rather than the tire;

planetary concrete mixer

    4: When operating the concrete mixer, it is strictly prohibited to put the tool into cylinder, more attention should be paid to safety;

    5: When rising the skip hopper of concrete mixer, personnel are strictly prohibited to go through or stay under the hopper for security, fixed the hopper after completing the work;

    6: When maintaining the concrete mixer on site, fix the skip hopper, cut off the power supply, when personnel going into the cylinder, should be guarded outside.

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