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Working Voltage Requirements of Planetary Concrete Mixer

    1, The temperature variation of planetary concrete mixer motor in normal operation is not beyond the allowable limit.

    2, Always check the load current of planetary concrete mixer motor. The load current of the motor should not exceed the rated current value.

    3, Pay attention to the supply voltage.

planetary concrete mixer

    4, The smell, vibration and noise of the motor all need to pay more attention.

    5, Often check the smoothness of the bearing, replace the smooth oil timely. When replacing the smooth oil, you should clean the bearing and bearing cap with oil, then clean it with gasoline. Rolling bearing grease should not exceed 70% of the bearing chamber volume.

    6, Pay attention to adhere to the clean of motor inside. Water, oil and debris, etc are not allowed to fall into the inside of the planetary concrete mixer motor. Air inlet and outlet of the planetary concrete mixer motor is necessary to adhere to dredge.

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