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Electric Concrete Mixer with Pump Was Sent to Asia

    On December 8, 2016, a set of HBT30 / JZM450 electric concrete mixer with pump was packed smoothly in the factory and sent to the port, will be sent to Asia on the 12th.

    We began to contact the Asian customer in July 2015, there is no news after his inquiry, this is a bidding project, requires a long process, during the time I have been tracking delivery news to him. Until June of this year, he contacted me that the technical parameters of our machines meet their requirements, they decided to purchase a set of HBT30 / JZM450 electric concrete mixer with pump from us. Later we negotiated on the payment method and some other details, finally reached an agreement and signed a contract, we completed the production ahead of schedule, hope that the machine will be sent to customer as soon as possible.

electric concrete mixer with pump


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