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To Improve Safety Performance of Concrete Batching Plant

  We have mentioned in many content that concrete batch plant is composed of mixing system, aggregate batching system, weighing system, control system and supporting system. HZS series concrete mixing plant is forced and high efficiency equipment, it can produce plastic, dry rigid concrete, etc. It has high production efficiency, widely used in large and medium-sized construction, road and bridge engineering and concrete production prefabricate factory. It is an ideal equipment to produce commercial concrete. Concrete batching plant, as a large mechanical equipment, security issues have been widely concerned. As the saying goes no rules no standards. In order to create a good and safe working environment, we must comply with the following five principles.

concrete mixing and batching plant

  1. The working personnel must be trained and qualified to start work.

  2. According to the national standard for operation and the power of the mixer operation, you can not increase the power of the concrete mixer without permission.

  3. After installing new concrete batching plant, overload is forbidden which can reduce the service time of concrete batching plant.

  4. Stop the equipment when maintaining, and it is prohibited to start the conveyor belt and main mixing machine.

  5. The operators should wear work clothes and helmet, and playfulness is prohibited.

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