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Development Direction of Block Making Machine

  The development of block making machine needs to further optimize the product structure in our country, and vigorously develop the hollow products and high strength engineering. Strictly limit the production and application of ordinary bricks, and gradually increase the market share of ecological bricks. Develop construction and other industrial wastes to form an interdependent and mutual development industrial chain between industrial manufacturing and raw materials to save high-quality clay resource and reduce energy consumption. Increase the brick waste recycling, heat recovery, flue gas purification and environmental protection, do a good job in the development of ecological technology and enterprise ecological design, green vegetation should be strictly in accordance with the relevant norms or standards for strict use.

mobile block making machine

  The development tendency of block making machine technology in the world focuses on product quality, multi-function, resource, energy and environmental protection to achieve clean production and packet service, which can improve labor productivity significantly and ensure product quality. According to the premise of industrial ecology function, strengthen technology research and development. Optimize industrial equipment design and raw materials through cooperation and processing. Design green vegetation reasonably to realize the improvement of resources utilization and the coordinated development of economy and ecological environment. Main technical means include multi-component material modification, product quality, multi-function, new technology development, inspecting the control technology and thermal insulation property of the device with new equipment, etc.

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