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Concrete Mixer Sold to Germany!

  On July 30, 2015, we delivered a JZM750 concrete mixer and to Germany successfully. We are proud that our customer was very satisfied with our machine and service.

  As we all know, good things are a long time in coming. At first, the German customer didn’t believe the quality of the Chinese concrete mixer, but after our detailed explanation about the quality and special features of our products, and we often export construction machines to Europe, customer gradually believed us and ordered one set of JZM750 concrete mixer from us!


  As for this concrete mixer, we adopt the Nanjing special motor and Simens motor, in fact, the Nanjing special motor is the NO.1 motor in China. The oil paint of the JZM750 concrete mixer adopts the PPG car paint, and the tire adopts the special automobile tire. All the electronic devices adopt the Schneider electric, the vibrator is the WAM brand. With these high-end components, and our experience of making concrete mixer for many years, it can said that our concrete mixer quality can totally reach the German quality standard o f concrete machinery.

  We think this concrete mixer export to German is of great significance, marking the quality of our products meet with the approval of the mechanical world powers, marking the quality of our products can reach the international first-class level. We don't have a specific check statistics, but as far as we know, this is the first Chinese concrete mixer export to Germany. Daswell has been sticking to provide high-quality machinery and more value to the customers.We will see this product exported to German as a new starting point, with a new attitude, strive to provide the higher quality products to each country in the world.

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  Tel: 0086 37165669681

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