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Using Tips of Concrete Batching Plant in Winter

  In winter, the temperature is low, some accessories of concrete mixing plant are easy to freeze, which will affect the normal production of concrete mixing plant. In the past, users often use the boiled water in the boiler and some keeping warm equipment to relieve the icing problems of concrete batching plant. But both two methods are not practical and produce unobvious effects. Generally, users find that electric heating can effectively solve the problem and produce better effects.

mobile concrete batching mixing plant

  We will introduce some methods to solve the icing problems by using electric heating maintenance:

  1. Professional personnel operate the concrete batching plant.

  2. Operators must keep the safe operation rules in mind.

  3. Electric heating maintenance should be under the low voltage and operators should do protection work properly.

  4. Cut down the power supply when adding water.

  5. There must be specialized scaffold and road in the electric heating area.

  6. Users must guarantee there is no electric leakage in the concrete batching plant.

  7. Some professional personnel must frequently check the concrete batching plant. If finding some abnormal phenomena, deal with them in time.

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